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About Me

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I have my  M.A. in non-denominational Ministry and Spiritual Leadership and I am a PhD student in Spiritual Practice and Education.

My studies embrace the spiritual practices of many of the major faith traditions: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Jainsim and Hinduism as well as Earth based rite and ritual.  I am also a Wilderness Rites-of-Passage guide.

My calling is to work as a spiritual guide for individuals and retreat groups.

I am also an activist and author.  As an eco-feminist theologian I raise the issue of equality for women among faith traditions and I actively engage to protect this sacred garden we call planet Earth.


Links to some of my work can be found


I believe in a universe where your thoughts, words and actions change the world every moment,

No matter who you are or where you are from, no one is excluded.  Your prayers ripple into a vision that we create together in concert with the divine.

You have a specific purpose written in your heart;

a truth that you are called to live, to breathe, to dance, to sing, to be.

Taking on your rightful place in creation will empower you, energize you and set you free.

Spiritual direction can help you explore your life journey as sacred journey.

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