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Life is challenging. 

The challenges in my life have helped me to understand who I am and what  my gifts are.

Spiritual direction can help you face your challenges and understand the story of your sacred journey.

My personal experiences of loss, long-term illness, and facing my own death have called me to work closely with others in times of adversity to explore together this sacred journey called life.

I believe that you have a specific calling in this life and I want to help  guide you to reclaim it by understanding how your footsteps form a sacred path. No matter what circumstances surround you, the invitation for a deeper relationship with the divine is always present.

Spiritual Guidance is not psychological counseling. Rather, my graduate education in non-denominational spiritual formation and spiritual practices has provided me with a wealth of resources for listening, and guiding.

Helping Hand
Spiritual Guidance for Individuals

As a spiritual guide I help you explore your life as a spiritual journey; whether you are looking to expand you spiritual practice, unlock what appear to be blocks in your life, or carefully reopen the doors on past trauma to release and reclaim new meaning and empowerment.  I am educated in a wide range of faith traditions which allows me to be respectful of your beliefs and provide practical spiritual tools that are in alignment with your tradition.  If you are spiritual but not religious, the breadth of my approach allows for spiritual exploration that is specifically created for your needs.  I want to hear your story, how your journey has shaped you, and discover together how your sacred narrative is continuing to unfold. 

Holding Hands
Spiritual Guidance for Couples

My approach is not traditional couples therapy.  My experience is in working with couples to root themselves in the love they have for one another, to expand their ways of listening to and hearing one another, and to build compassion for and restore sacred connection to one another.  We are brought together through love and yet the things that drive us apart are often temporal.  I help give couples solid spiritual tools that can be used to handle the ups and downs of their relationship with each other and with extended family.  For this type of guiding I can work in person or through video conference.

Illness as Sacred Journey
End of Life as Sacred Transition

Your journey through illness or end of life can be an opening for deepening your relationship with the divine, your relationship to your innermost self, and your relationships with the people you love.  I have personally experienced  a lengthy life-threatening illness and I have lived through a near-death experience.  I have deep reverence for your suffering.  My calling is to help you remain rooted in the sacred in life's darkest moments.  Difficult and painful journeys can be embraced with all of their challenges and hardship, and yet be anchored in sacred mystery that opens us up in ways  never imagined. 

Spiritual guiding sessions are  $100 per session.  Each session is 1-1.5 hours.  I believe that everyone should have access to spiritual guidance, so I offer a sliding scale to those in need. 

Bouncing Light Balls


Prayer and meditation work on the energetic level of our spiritual bodies.  In the same way, practices like Reiki  are not a hands on type of therapy like massage, but an energy practice to help tune and align the energetic body. 

I am a certified Reiki Practitioner, however my energy work goes beyond the Reiki model to include what I have learned from additional spiritual practices and spiritual experience.


Along with the energy work I provide additional recommendations for spiritual practice so that you can continue to strengthen the effects of the session yourself.  I can work in person or remotely as well. 

Energy Work is $200 per session.  Approximately 2-hours per session. 

I offer a sliding scale to those in need. 

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