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I have my  M.A. in non-denominational Ministry and Spiritual Leadership, and I am a PhD student in Spiritual  Formation.
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I am knowledgeable in the traditions of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Jainism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Earth based rite and ritual.

Sacred Ceremony

& Interfaith Ministry

I am not a member of any one faith tradition, rather I  respect the sacred traditions of all.  I work to build relationship and understanding between faith communities.  Likewise, I offer ceremonial services to couples and families whose traditions and cultures span the globe.  As a non-denominational minister I can help co-create weddings and other ceremonies to be deeply meaningful events that bring people together.



Ceremonies mark important events in life such as baptisms, weddings, coming of age and end of life transitions.  Creating meaningful ceremonies strengthens your personal bonds with loved ones, with community, and with the sacred.  Through ceremony you can experience a deepened engagement with your own sacred path in life, and through ceremony we can support the journeys of one another. 

Are you ready to embrace your sacred journey through ceremony?

Weddings as co-creative sacred ceremony

Wedding ceremonies last for only an hour, and yet it is a ceremony you want to remember for a lifetime. 


  • I can work with you to co-create a sacred ceremony that is a true expression of your loving bond. 


  • I  provide spiritual guidance to help you transition into your new life together.

  • As a non-denominational minister I am honored to officiate your wedding no matter what your faith background.  I perform traditional as well as interfaith and civil ceremonies.


  • I welcome same-sex marriages and ceremonies.  All are sacred. 

  • If you are looking to have a ceremony in a remote wilderness location I am a Wilderness Rites-of-Passage  Guide and a certified medical Wilderness First Responder. 

As a wedding officiant I spend the time necessary to get to know you as a couple and to listen to what is meaningful for you.  Depending on how involved you want to be in creating the ceremony, we can co-create it together or you can leave it my hands to design a ceremony that speaks to who you are as a couple.  I can send you recommendations for poetry and readings for you to select from.  I also take care of the necessary legal paperwork that needs to be signed and submitted.

Creative Ceremonies for important times of transition

Once upon a time communities had many more ceremonies to mark important life transitions.  Today we are missing the profound ceremonies and rituals that help to bond us together as families and as communities.


  • I create coming of age ceremonies for the transitions from childhood to teenager, teenager to young adult, and for when young adults leave for college.

  • A ceremony when a young women begins menses can help to counter negative societal attitudes towards women's bodies.

  • I am working to create important family ceremonies for when parents divorce that acknowledges the painful process and yet promises the continuation of love and connection. 


I can help you to co-create important rites-of-passage for important life transitions, all of which are meant to deepen personal strength, provide a greater understanding of life-path and build enduring loving connection for all involved.

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